How to place function in While Loop (Python)?

I want to run a function inside a While Loop, but I cannot figure out a way to. I searched all over for the answer, and nothing seems to relate to my answer at all. Help!

Here is the function.

def check(Money):
print('You have ' + str(gold) + ' gold.')

Here is the part I want to insert the function into, but I cannot figure out a way to.

 if str(var3) == ('Check(Money)'):
        print('You have ' + gold + ' gold.')         #is there any way to run the function Check(Money)?

I tried using exec in that part, like this:

if str(var3) == ('check'):
    print('What would you like to check?)
    checkvar1 = input()
        if str(checkvar1) == ('check(Money)'):
        exec (check(Money))

And it came up with this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:Python27Maze", line 53, in <module>
exec (check(Money))
NameError: name 'Money' is not defined

I was pretty sure this wouldn’t work, but it was a start. (Note: Why this would not work is not the question I’m asking). My question is: Is there any way to place the function check(Money) inside my While Loop?

Source: python

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