How to optimize slow Mysql SELECT queries?

Here is my query:

SELECT col1, col2, col3, col4, col5, col6,col7, col8,..,col18
FROM table1
WHERE col1= 'val' and col7='Y' and col16='203' OR col16='201' order by col4 desc

I don’t know what is making this query slow,
whether it’s the order by ,or the where clauses…

Properely added the index also, but it’s still slow.

I’am using JSP + STRUTS + EJB2.0 + MYSQL.
The table1 has more than half million records.
How can I optimize the query or what are the other possibilities to improve the speed of execution?

table structure

col1                varchar(20) NO  PRI 
col2                varchar(50) NO  PRI 
col3                varchar(50) YES     [NULL]
col4                varchar(20) YES     [NULL]
col5                varchar(6)  YES     [NULL]
col6                varchar(20) YES     [NULL]
col7                varchar(1)  YES     [NULL]
col8               mediumtext   YES     [NULL]
col9              mediumtext    YES     [NULL]
col10             mediumtext    YES     [NULL]
col11              mediumtext   YES     [NULL]
col12              mediumtext   YES     [NULL]
col13               mediumtext  YES     [NULL]
col14             mediumtext    YES     [NULL]
col15               mediumtext  YES     [NULL]
col16               varchar(20) YES     [NULL]
col17            varchar(50)    YES     [NULL]
col18             varchar(5)    YES     [NULL]
col19              varchar(5)   YES     [NULL]
col20               varchar(5)  YES     [NULL]
col21                  text YES     [NULL]
col 22                  text    YES     [NULL]
col23              text YES     [NULL]
col24              varchar(5)   YES     [NULL]
col25              int(11)  YES     [NULL]

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