How to manage database data when the connection to the cloud is lost

Currently I’m creating a web app, this one is JEE with an oracle database and weblogic, the app must be in the cloud (Amazon), but is a requirement that when the connection to the cloud is lost(no matter the reason) a local configuration must work instead of the one in the cloud.

I’ve researching but I dont find anything that helps, the idea is that the local app keeps working as the one in the cloud while the connection is restored, so there are some points:

  1. Changing the app that is working
  2. It’s possible to lose data when the connection isn’t working
  3. Replication of the info from the local database to the one in the cloud once the services are working again.

has anyone idea of this?

I really appreciate it, currently I’m working on the design so this requirement mus be included

Thank you in advance for your help-

Source: oracle

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