How to fix / recover all files which are encrtyped by .krypted extension?

In my computer all of my files (eg. doc, docx, jpg etc..) name ended with .krypted extension, like my_picture.jpg.krypted. When I open it, it’s showing my encrypted key. So that, I can’t see my original file. It’s affected on all of my pictures, files. How can I recover my files which are encrypted with .krypted extension ?

Note: I am using windows 10.

Source: virus


  1. Sneha


    Were you able to recover files?

  2. Digin

    It will not be possible to recover the files without the software which was used to encrypt the files.I suggest you to recover the files with the help of that software which was used to encrypt these files because the software is using an encryption algorithm which is unique and the password you used for the software might help to recover the files.

    I think there is no other way to recover those files because the file is already replaced from its location to another with an access key(seems to me as a private key) .


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