How to display QVector3D in one cell in QTableView via qAbstractTableModel’s subclass

I’d like to display QVector3D in tableView, preferably like this: (x,y,z).
I had subclassed the QAbstractTableModel class and implemented QAbstractTableModelSublass::data function:

QVariant data(const QModelIndex &index, int role= Qt::DisplayRole) const override
  if(role == Qt::DisplayRole)
  {  /* decide in which column and row to display the data*/
    QVector3D p(1.,2.,3.); return QVariant(p); 

However, the target cell where the QVector3D should be displayed is empty. I’m quite positive that the correct QVariant instance is constructed, since I was able to print the value like this:

QVariant v = QVariant(p);

What am I missing? How am I supposed to display the QVector3D in table in one cell?

Source: c++

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