How to check the form that is changing the value in the table?

I have a Form on Design’s Form I have a StringEdit.
This StringEdit represents a field on myTable.

I want to create in MyTable in modifiedField method a my rule:

when I modified this StringEdit copy this value on another Field in the same Table.

I used this code :

case fieldNum (MyTable, MyFiledSringEdit) :
if (caller.args().name() == formStr (myFormName) )
this.myFieldToChange= this.MyFiledSringEdit;

Without if (caller.args().name() == formStr (myFormName) ) work well, but
I want to check if I changed the StringEdit (and then modified myFiledSringEdit).

If I changed the value form myFormName I do this rule else nothing to do.

I heve to create a method looklike : initFrommyFormName ?
Or how should I do who is editing the field ?

I want to find form who changed value in a table .

** I know it is not correct to use that if condition

** myFiledSringEdit – DataSource : MyTable ; DataField : MyFiledSringEdit

thansk all!!


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