How to change dhcp-brodcast-flag on Windows/Linux client?

As we know there are 4 types of packets involved when a client wants to get an IPv4 address from DHCP Server. These can be seen in the image bellow (from Microsoft web site).

DHCP Process

From the perspective of data link layer (Layer 2 of OSI model) frames sent from client to the server are always broadcast (DISCOVER & REQUEST) but the other two can be either broadcast or unicast depending on how the broadcast-flag option is set by the client.

Broadcast Flag in DHCP

I know this flag can be changed in cisco IOS using this command:

R(config)# [no] ip dhcp-client broadcast-flag

My question is how I can change this flag in Windows or Linux?

BTW I just want to know this out of curiosity and I don’t have any special needs for that. I tested on Windows and Linux and know that this flag is set to 0 so those frames are sent in unicast.

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