How to access info from an instance from another instance in c++?

I am just started learning OOP concepts and to help myself learning, I have created a Characters class. From this class I have made instance called main and an instance called monster. Here is the code for the class:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;
class Character {

string name;
float health;
int attackLevel;
int defenseLevel;

void setAttr(string sName,float sHealth, int sAttackLevel, int sDefenseLevel)  {
    name = sName;
    health = sHealth;
    attackLevel = sAttackLevel;
    defenseLevel = sDefenseLevel;


void attack(int whatInstanceToAttack)  {

    whatInstanceToAttack.hitpoints -= 20;  //obviously not valid but how do i do this?

    return whatInstanceToAttack;
int defend(string defend)  {

    int damageRelieved = defenseLevel * 2;
    return damageRelieved;

int main() {
Character main;
Character monster;
cout << "Default Values for Raf are;" << endl;
cout << << endl;
cout <<<< endl;
cout << main.attackLevel << endl;
cout << main.defenseLevel << endl;

cout << "Default values for monster are" << endl;
cout << << endl;
cout << << endl;
cout << monster.attackLevel<< endl;
cout << monster.defenseLevel << endl;

return 0;

Basically what I want to do is somehow access the monster instance via the main instance. I want to do this by running the attack method. So if I run


then I want the monster to lose 20 hitpoints.

How do I go about doing this?

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