How much csv parsing can/should be processed in the front-end?

I am about to:

  • create a web interface where the user can type in email addresses, which are then sent up to the server in one json bulk, which is then used for messaging these users.
  • I also have the requirement to be able to upload a csv file with a long list of email addresses. The problem is that the number of email addresses can be very large. We’re talking about in the thousands or even more.

Theoretically I can either parse the csv file in the front-end and send the email addresses up in a json object (as I already have the api for the first use case where the email addresses are typed in and sent as a json), or I could upload these csv files to our db and do their parsing on the server side.

  • Should consider processing the csv files in the front-end at all?

  • What should be a “safe” number of items for porcessing in the front-end without breaking anything, or ending up with a heavily compromised user experience?

Can anyone comment from experience? Thanks

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