How can I maximize optimization using gcc?

I made a simple quick sort algorithm using C language, named test.c
I’m trying to maximize the optimization, so I use -O3 options like belows.

gcc -S -O3 -o test.s test.c
gcc -S -O3 -o test1.s test.s
gcc -S -O3 -o test2.s test1.s
gcc -S -O3 -o test3.s test2.s

But strange thing happens. The more times I did above procedure, the more number of line assembly get.

I don’t know why this happens, because I think that I have to get more optimized assembly file that has smaller number of line as I did above procedure.

If this is not right way, using -O3 only one time is the way of the best optimization?


Source: gcc

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