How can I Force or Specify Encoding type using Xml.Save in powershell?

I have an XML configuration file I am modifying with powershell, and when I save the file using Xml.Save it changes the encoding type.

When I open the ORIGINAL file I am trying to edit in Notepad++ the encoding type is listed as “UTF-8 without BOM”.

When I open the file in Notepad++ AFTER editing using Xml.Save the encoding type is listed simply as “UTF-8”.

This causes the program using this file to Error out saying it cant parse to config properties.

IF I open the EDITED file in Notepad++, change the encoding type to “UTF-8 without BOM”, and save the file. The program will then run without error.

How can I force and or specify the Xml.Save to use the “”UTF-8 without BOM” encoding type when saving the file?

I have tried different ways of casting and saving file, but Xml.Save seems to default to the “UTF-8” enconding type.

$xml = New-Object -TypeName XML
$xml.configuration.config.option = $newValue

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