How can I display the details in one line in HTML?

I have a script written in Python which will pass a list to a HTML file. I have a problem in displaying the elements in the html page. As per the code written below, the elements are displayed vertically down as a list. I wanted the elements to be displayed in a single line.

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<div id="content">
    {% for item in VOD1 %}
       <li>ID: {{ item[0] }}</li><li> Title: {{ item[1] }}</b></li>
       <img src="{{ item[2] }}" alt="dummy.jpg"> </img>
    {% endfor %}

I tried by adding a ‘-‘ after the ‘%’ in the for loop to trim the white spaces but don’t work. If I remove the line break then assets are displayed in a line but it’s in a auto fit manner.3 assets details are displayed in each line instead of the whole details in a single line. Can someone please shed some light into this?

Source: html

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