How can I define the class for the below mentioned scenario?

I’m trying to solve the below-mentioned problem to improve my programming knowledge. it has too many conditions to fit in simple class. Please give me some high level idea to solve this problem.

A movie ticket booking application is being built to allow moviegoers to book seats in advance in a theatre. The theatre has 10 screens, ranging between 1 and 10. Everyday 4 shows are run in all screens, except screen 5 & screen 9. Shows begin at 12:30 PM,3:30 PM,6:30PM and 10PM. Screen 5 & Screen 9 do not run 10PM show. All screens have 100 seats occupancy, numbered between 1 to 100, except for Screen 6. There are 10 rows in each screen with rows named A,B,C.D,E,F,G,H,I,J. Each row has 10 seats. Screen 6 is an exception with 15 rows and 6 seats per row, totalling 90 seats. Price per seat is Rs. 150/across all screens. Screens 1 to 5 show Movie ‘The Best’ and screens 6 to 10 show the movie ‘Awesome’.

Note: Booking can be done in advance for a max of 7 days and cannot be done for a date in the past.

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