Hosted Site on IIS7 loads whenever I create a new website project on Wamp server

How can I prevent an old Hosted site on ISS7 from loading up whenever I type the web address to a new site on my Wamp Server?

I just installed Wampserver on a Windows 2008 Server that was already hosting a wesbite of mine via IIS. So I changed the port number of the Wampserver to port 81 instead of 80, and installed it to the Wamp server with no issues.

However, as soon as I created a new project on my Wampserver, and attempted to test the new page; for some reason only the old hosted website on IIS7 loads up. This problem seems to repeat no matter what new projects I create on wamp.

I’m a novice at Wamp so if anyone know how to solve this problem please let me know, and if you can be as detailed as possible. Thank you!

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