Height of the div is changing in Safari

I have this website


The problem is if you open the link in Safari the height of the Header on the right side becomes less than the left side and there is this small white line appearing bellow.

I tried to change the padding of the class

.top-header-right and .top-header-left 

but it will not help , because then in chrome its breaking . I also fixed the font-size of the top-header-left because I read in a link the font is rendered differently in different browser .but still no luck

Please help me out


   <div class="row">
<article class="top-header-left col-md-6 bg-black text-center">
<ul class="home-menu list-unstyled">
<li><a class="nav-work" href="dimensions.html">Work <i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i></a></li>
<li><a href="about.html">About</a></li> 
<li><a href="connect.html">Connect</a></li>
<li><a href="birdseyeview.html">Birds Eye-View</a></li>
<article class="top-header-right col-md-6 bg-darkgray text-right">
<ul class="social-icons list-unstyled"> 



Source: cross-browser

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