Has anyone ever programatically got a web service configuration and stored it in sql? .Net

Wondering if I could get some input from anyone on a concept that I am working on at the moment.

Basically I am looking to somehow be able to allow a user to input the URL of a web service and then I want to programmatically call the service and store the configuration in a SQL db to be able to then use the functions to call later.

The concept is to be able to allow a user to specify a webservice as a data import type so I can transform the data that comes from the web service into a data structure of my own by allowing the user to map fields from the import source (the web service) to the output source (a staging database).

I suppose much in the way like SSIS has the Web Service Task.

I am having a play with wsdl.exe and disco.exe and considering using System.CodeDom

If anyone has done anything like this then would love to know your thoughts and any point in a better direction is always appreciated.

Thanks for the collaboration in advance!

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