Gurobi cannot solve LP after Update -> Status Code 1

After I updated my Gurobi, I cannot solve my LP anymore. I tried to debug, but come not further than

GRBEnv env = GRBEnv();

Trying to continue, it fails with Signal= SIGABRT. I am not sure if this has anything to do with my update of gurobi, since the general gurobi example still works fine ( Moreover, when I let it run instead of debugging, I get the following output:

Solved in 0 iterations and 0.00 seconds
Optimal objective  0.000000000e+00
obj: 0

I know that Status 1 means that the problem is only loaded, but not solved (I have written model.optimize at the end). The LP Code is quite long and I am not sure where to look for the mistake. So any hint would be useful. Btw, I am using gurobi in c++ on a mac.

Source: c++

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