(GUI) The best way to create a After Effects – like multilayer timeline in Python

I am creating a GUI for a tool which will work simmilar to montage software. I am using mainly PySide(QT).

I want to do something like this:

  • I’ve got some layers on the left

  • On the right I’ve got a timeline

  • Layers are represented on this timeline as rectangles that can be
    resized and moved on it. Or at least just non-clickablerectangles
    that updates when data changes.

It can look like AfterEffects:
enter image description here

Or like Premiere pro:

enter image description here

Or other montage software, the idea is the same, representation may differ but it has to be this: rectangles on timeline representing something (cameras, in this case) and its time range.

What is in Your oppinion the best way to do this? Pygame? Some charts module? It has not to be very fast while working, but it’s got to be fast to code 🙂


Source: python

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