GoJS TreeLayout different level for every child

I want to display a graph which depicts a timed process. Therefore, it would be desireable to have nodes aligned according to a given timeline.

The timestamps are totally accurate, which is why i chose them to be the keys of my groups. If two nodes have the same timestamp, the get added to the same group.

These groups are aligned by the TreeLayout. Per default they are aligned in that way:

not desired

(Please note that the black boxes depict the groups and their alignment. The red boxes were added for better understanding on which level which group is.

What I would like to have, is a more timelined view of the diagram like so:

Desired Output

I tried setting layerStyle: go.TreeLayout.LayerUniform, and afterwards setting the TreeVertex.level accordingly, but GoJS didn’t change its positioning.

Are there any other possibilities to achieve what i want?

Source: javascript

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