Glitch fix for chosen multiselect ropdown

Example Fiddle


  1. I have applied chosen plugin for a multiselect dropdown
  2. The first option is “Any
  3. Those who are accustomed with chosen dropdown,they know that when an option is selected(from chosen multiselect) and presented in the dropdown textarea-like field, you will see it disabled from the list menu automatically.
  4. When the first option “Any” is be selected, then all the other options from the list menu is also disabled.
  5. When the “Any” option is removed from the dropdown textarea-like field(deleting by clicking on the cross with the selected option),then again all the options are enabled.


  1. If we select any option from the dropdown, then its presented in the textarea-like filed, denoting that its being selected.
  2. First select any option except “Any“.
  3. It will be displayed on the textarea-like field.
  4. Now Select “Any“.
  5. Any will be displayed in the textarea-like field, and the previously selected option(s) is also being displayed in the textarea-like field.
  6. I need the previously options selected to be removed from the textarea-field

How can I achieve this functionality?

Please Help.

Source: javascript

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