Get exported functions from a x86 DLL

Is there any way to get a list of the exported functions from a x86 DLL in C#? I know of Mono.Cecil that can decompile .NET DLLs to provide a list of the types/members, but searches come up blank when I search for x86 DLLs.

I’m looking at building a “DLL explorer” tool that lists the exported functions, enabling me to get a quick peek into DLLs and see the functionality.

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  1. Digin Dominic

    You could try converting . It is written in C++ and uses some Windows API, but it should be possible to rewrite it in C#.

    Or you can catch the output of dumpbin /exports YourDll.dll

    Mmmmh… I’ve taken a look, and the ImageHlp methods are probably a little C#-unfriendly… and they aren’t Unicode compatible. 🙁

    Here there is another method, that seems to be a little simpler.


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