Fish keeps trying to use fish_vi_key_bindings although it is not in anymore

I am playing with fish and oh-my-fish on the cygwin terminal. It was working fine until I tried to turn on VI key bindings by setting the fish_vi_key_bindings in my

It did not work. Apparently this only works from the version 2.2.x on, and on cygwin I’m running the version 2.1.1. Ok, no problem… let’s deactivate it by removing that line from the Currently this file looks like this:

# Path to your oh-my-fish.
set fish_path $HOME/.oh-my-fish

# Path to your custom folder (default path is ~/.oh-my-fish/custom)
#set fish_custom $HOME/dotfiles/oh-my-fish

# Load oh-my-fish configuration.
. $fish_path/

# Custom plugins and themes may be added to ~/.oh-my-fish/custom
# Plugins and themes can be found at
Theme 'robbyrussell'
Plugin 'theme'

But anyway, when I start the fish console, I get the following message:

Welcome to fish, the friendly interactive shell
Type help for instructions on how to use fish
Standard input: begin; fish_vi_key_bindings
in . (source) call of file '-',
        called on standard input,

in function '__fish_reload_key_bindings',
        called on line 209 of file '/usr/share/fish/functions/',

in function '__fish_config_interactive',
        called on line 114 of file '/usr/share/fish/',

in function '__fish_on_interactive',
        called on standard input,

in event handler: handler for generic event 'fish_prompt'

And the shell missbehaves completely. I cannot delete what I write, autocomplete does not work, etc. Any help? thanks.

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