Firefox 404 on iframe, exact same url on Chrome works

Our web site works swimmingly in Chrome… and almost swimmingly in FireFox.

Our main site has a page like On this page, we have an iframe with a src attribute of like so:

    <iframe src=""></iframe>

This works just fine in Chrome, but Firefox will return a 404. Upon inspection, the only thing I can see that’s significantly different are the cookies being sent with the iframe source GET operations. Chrome sends the following cookies:

  • __utma=…;
  • __utmc=…;
  • __utmz=…;
  • crowd.token_key=…;
  • ASP.NET_SessionId=…;
  • qa2012_.NET_persistence=…;
  • _gat=…;
  • _ga=…

FireFox, on the other hand, only sends these cookies:

  • qa2012_.NET_persistence=…;
  • _ga=…;
  • _gat=…

At this point, I’m fairly certain this is the reason why I am getting the 404 error, but I’m scratching my head about why this is happening and what to do about it. Is this some sort of CORS thing, or DNT thing, or what? How do I get around this issue? Both of these sites are in the same domain, though on different servers.

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