fdopen: Invalid arguement

I am trying to create and open a file with fopen and fdopen to write some content.
Below is the code I wrote:

    char Path[100];
    int write_fd;

    printf("opening file..n");
    write_fd = open(Path, O_WRONLY | O_CREAT | O_EXCL, 0777);

       printf(" write_fd!=-1n");

       FILE *file_fp = fdopen(write_fd,"a+");

       if (file_fp == NULL)
              printf("Could not open file.File pointer error %sn", std::strerror(errno));
               return 0;         
       write(write_fd, "Firstn", 7);
       write(write_fd, "Secondn", 8);
       write(write_fd, "Thirdn", 7);

The file fd “write_fd” is created with the permissions WRONLY which should have permission to read/write(?). But when fdopen called on the file descriptor with mode ‘a+’, it is throwing error saying Invalid Argument.

It is successfully opened with mode ‘a’.

What exactly differs between the modes ‘a’ and ‘a+’ that causes this error ?

Source: c++

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