fancytree adds html code 

I Have a problem with Fancytree to add a new node. If I add a node with normal text it works, but if i add text with div or span, it wont work.

if I check the fancytree-title it’s somthing like this:

<span class="fancytree-title">
    <span class="lvl1_title pull-left" data-pageid="test">test</span> 
    <span class="page_link pull-left"> (<a href="test.html">test</a>)</span>

It does add me this code:

But i don’t want to add this. I load content with JSON like this:

addNewPage = function(title) {
    var page = {
        title : title,
        floder : false
    var noKat = $('#tree').fancytree('getRootNode').children[1];

Source: jquery

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