Failed to install Intel HAXM on windows 8.1 64bit

I’m trying to install Intel HAXM on my Windows 8.1 (64bit – HP G450) but it’s failed with VT not supported (“This computer does not support VT-x …”).

Following is my steps when installing:

  1. Enable VT-x in BIOS
  2. Enable Hyper-V on Windows Feature
  3. Then install Intel HAXM with 2 ways A or B:

(A) Use file C:Users…sdkextrasintelHardware_Accelerated_Execution_Managerintelhaxm-android.exe downloaded by SDK Manager to install.


(B) Use (1.1.1) to install.

However they are both failed with the above error (more info that I’m not using Avast Security).

Please help me ? Thanks.

Source: windows

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