Facebook open graph- share a poem instead of an article

My website shares poems, stories and articles.
This is an example of an open graph of a poem.

   "id": "905716739487689",
   "application": {
      "id": "728278247279506",
      "name": "mypen",
      "url": "https://he.mypen.net/"
   "created_time": "2015-04-08T10:48:04+0000",
   "description": "My complexity, my life is yours. You have me in the morning as i get out of bed. You have me in the night as i go to sleep.  My complexi...",
   "image": [
         "height": 408,
         "type": "image/jpeg",
         "url": "https://d331rn7syke6mg.cloudfront.net/random/red/32/7/612.jpg",
         "width": 612
   "is_scraped": true,
   "site_name": "MyPen.net",
   "title": "My Complexity",
   "type": "article",
   "updated_time": "2015-05-27T07:40:27+0000",
   "url": "https://en.mypen.net/read.php?ID=123",
   "data": {
      "section": "Poems"

The problem is, that when a user shares a poem, facebook tells it’s an article. I’ve read in other places that i should set og:type to article, but it’s doesnt seems right:

Is there any way to set the open graph to say “Eran Shmuel shared a poem on mypen”?

Or do I have to change og:type to “website” for poems and stories?

Source: facebook

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