Facebook ios FBSDKGraphRequest with pre-filled content

From my application you can either post a text update to facebook, or post text with a photo attached but the content is the same. The data is collected by the application so the post is pre-filled with that data for the users convenience. This functionality is available via the FBSDKGraphRequest object.
However due to this pre-filling, my application has failed facebook review as per section 2.3 of facebooks “platform policy” despite not adding random text or hashtags as shown in their example video.

It appears there’s no way around this – if I use the FBSDKShareKit it won’t allow me to post a message with an embedded photo (the photo isnt stored elsewhere to pass a URL). If I post a photo via the FBSDKSharePhotoContent object, I can only add a photo and no text.
The application had worked like this for years before facebooks mandatory upgrade and review policies kicked in.

When using the FBSDKGraphRequest method it appears there is no facebook dialog that allows you to pre-fill a message and then preview it to the user so they can confirm.

Any suggestions on how to achieve a pre-filled text facebook post with or without photos?
What is the use of the POST FBSDKGraphRequest if you can’t pre-fill the provided “message” attribute with content?!

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