Facebook get sharing history of a post by it’s id

I have a facebook app that interact with an ios app. Throught ios app i simply share a picture after a permission request (publish_actions, user_friends) to my facebook app. It’s works ok, now i need to know the history of this post. For example, how many likes it had recived in last week? How many comments?
To achive this result i’m trying to use the php sdk, and with this i made some api calls:


This calls return me a list of users ids, they are all the users who have liked my photo or who have made a comment of my photo. Now i need to know if some friends of this listed id had liked my photo again… In this way i can create a hiearchy and a history of the photo life. It is possible in some way? Seems that i can’t handle information about any users that hasn’t granted explicit permission to my app (so i can’t handle information about any user that haven’t use my ios app), but in this way i can’t go deeper than the level that i have already achived… There are a lot of social analysis tool but many of there are paid tool and anyway i haven’t find a tool that show the history of a shared post (the post is shared by a user, not by a page…). My question is: it is possible to track the life of a shared post to create a statistic panel?

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