Exporting a multiple page Form as individual pdf documents on Access using a Macro

I am developing an automated quotation system for my company through Access.

The database will allow users to upload a required process to the system, outline the suppliers who are capable of carrying out that process and then through the use of a button allow them to save a “Quotation” form based on the suppliers they have selected and the information they have input. They can then forward this onto the relevant supplier for them to quote the costs of carrying out the process

However a lot of the time there are a number of suppliers that can carry out one process and we cannot send out quotes with other companies details on.

I can export the form as a pdf through a macro no problem using –

Private Sub Command132_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "RFQ Form", acPreview
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "RFQ Form", acFormatPDF, "s-uk-    fp01SparesPurchasingPrototypes" & " APD " & [Forms]![RFQ Form]![APD Number]     & " -  " & Trim([Forms]![RFQ Form]![Supplier]) & Format(Date, "dd-mm-yyyy") & " .pdf", False
DoCmd.Close acForm, "RFQ Form", acSaveNo

End Sub

However when selecting a number of suppliers all of the pages are saved in one document, is it possible for each page to save as a separate document based on the information on it?

Thanks in advance

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