Excel spreadsheet to SQL convert

I have a question regarding excel, regex and SQL.
I have a spreadsheet with a list of components (workstations, servers etcetera) followed by a list of software installed on the computer.


Component name – Software installed – Software installed – Software installed

WS01 – Excel – IE8 – Eclipse

WS02 – Excel – IE7 – Notepad++

WS03 – Access – Word – Excel

DC01 – WS2008 – Exchange2010 – IE8

I need to create a SQL database with certain component/software relationships.
Is it possible to ‘filter’ the spreadsheet so the outcome would become:

WS01 – Excel

WS01 – IE8

WS01 – Eclipse

WS02 – Excel

WS02 – IE7

WS02 – Notepad++


Sorry in advance if my question is a bit vague, I hope someone can help me.
Thanks in advance.

Source: regex

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