Error (#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action facebook graph api php codegniter

Here are my permissions

$config['facebook']['permissions'] = array(

I can not post on a facebook page as a admin.It gives me this error

Exception occured, code: 200 with message: (#200) The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action

if i remove 'access_token' => $pageList['access_token'], then i can post on the page but not as a admin.but when i add this line it gives me this above error can anyone tell me why
Here is my function pagePost which i am using to post on a page

 public function pagePost() {
    if ( $this->session ) {

    try {

      $request_page = new FacebookRequest($this->session, 'GET', '/1420447421611683?fields=access_token,name,can_post');
      $pageList = $request_page->execute()

      $request = ( new FacebookRequest( $this->session, 'POST', '/1420447421611683/feed',array(
                    'access_token'  => $pageList['access_token'],
                    'link' => '',
                    'message' => 'Hello Up',
                  ) ) )->execute();
        echo "Posted with id: " . $request->getProperty('id');

        $page = $request->getGraphObject()->asArray();
      return $page;
    } catch(FacebookRequestException $e) {
            echo "Exception occured, code: " . $e->getCode();
            echo " with message: " . $e->getMessage();

    return false;

Can anyone tell me what is wrong.
I will be very thankfull.

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