Encode only license files

I am developing a large PHP software and want to give it with the unencoded source code to my customers, although I want to have a license system.

Preferably, I want only to encode the files for licensing purposes. But this is nonsense if you think about – you can overwrite the files if you know the structure (reverse engineering of the rest of the code) or simply do not include/delete them.

But for now, I have found the site of the software Blesta, which says:

Blesta is well written, source documented, object oriented code that is more than 99.4% open. Less than 0.6% and only 3 files are encoded, just enough to protect licensing.

How can I do this? I can only think of the possibility to include the encoded licensing files in a very important and large file, which is also encoded. But then, reverse engineering is still possible, while important functions are not editable.

Does someone know another solution without encoding major files?

Source: php

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