eclipse keyboard shortcut ctrl-x not working

I can’t fix the ctrl-x (for cut) sortcut to work. here’s what i’ve tried:

  1. check in windows->preferences->keys->cut to see that it’s set for ctrl+x in dialogs and windows.
  2. check that there are no other ctrl+x bindings
  3. windows->preferences->keys->restore defaults (in default scheme)
  4. delete [workspace].metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.e4.workbenchworkbench.xmi

    i don’t recommend doing 4. it resets the scheme to emacs for me; and generated a new default prefs file when i reopened eclipse. some other shortcuts stopped working which forced me to redo 1. and 2. for some of them.

i select text and hit ctrl+x, nothing happens except a little tab says “no matches” at the right lower corner.
enter image description here

sorry about the blackouts (i don’t want to get in corporate trouble).

Source: eclipse

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