Does static index of array will change the array?

I want to break a path name into a sequence using strtok. But I encount a question, my code is showed below:

int main(void)
    char test[] = "/hoe/wahoo/Documents/hello/test";
    char *str[8]; 
    int index = 0;
    int count = 0;

    str[index] = strtok(test, "/");
    while (str[index] && *str[index]) {
        str[index] = strtok(NULL, "/");

    for (index=0; index<8; index++) {
        if (str[index] && *str[index]) {

    printf("%dn", count);

    return 0;

Obviously, I get a error segmentation error, and I know the source of the error. Once, I change the int index = 0; to static index = 0; in the line 5. I find that it does work!!

So why? It seems like I change the index of array into static, that the array will be static.

Source: c#

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