Dhcp client are asking a DHCP request to the bad interface

I have a question about my gateway. I have build a gateway ipv4 to manage my internet. Something like that:


It’s something really simple forwarding by iptables, bind dns for caching and dhcpv4 for dhcp. My problem today are in my gateway my dhclient make some request for my interface connected to my mode.


May 15 10:51:39 home dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67

My eth0 are using the dhcp client to ask using the modem the public IP
My eth1 are my dhcp server

So my client on eth0 are asking an ip to my eth1, do you know if is possible to configure my dhcp client just to use eth0 interface and no all other interface available on my machine ?

Thank you

Source: linux

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