dgrid / dstore / Rest – How to add addition query parameters to request

I used an older version of dgrid (onDemandGrid) toghether with a dojo JsonRestStore.

My web page has some input fields (e.g. date, name etc). After changing one of these fields I change the query of the grid:

grid.setQuery({y: year, m: month, l: name1, d: flag, e: name2});

and the Json request was somthing like ?y=2015&m=5&l=test1&….

I learned, that with the actual version of dgrid this isn’t longer possible.

Is something simelar possible with dgrid/dstore.?
Filtering seems not to be an option, as far as I understood this is only on client side and I’m not able to load all my data. What I need are some dynamic parameters to filter the data on the server.

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