Deserialise Json Array Windows Phone 8.0

my JsonArray is

[{"details":"Get 50% off on your first 5 trips between April 23rd and April 25th.Offer is available only in Pune.","deal":"50% off all Uber rides","company_name":"Uber","validity":"25 Apr","coupon":"PUNEHALFOFF"},{"details":"Refer your friends to Uber Cabs and get a referral bonus of Rs 300. Thatu2019s practically you enjoy Rs 300 free rides for every referral.","deal":"Earn Rs 300 Bonus Everytime You Refer A Friend","company_name":"Uber","validity":"1 May","coupon":"UBERGOLOCO"},{"details":"Use Uber Promo Code and Get Flat Rs.350 OFF on Your First Ride. This Is Valid for New Users.","deal":"Get Rs.350 OFF Across All Cities In India","company_name":"Uber","validity":"15 May","coupon":"GRAB400"},{"details":"Get Rs. 50 off on your first Ola Cab ride booked using the Ola Cab mobile application. Offer valid for new users only.","deal":"Rs.50 OFF on First Ride","company_name":"Ola","validity":"15 May","coupon":"No Coupon"},{"details":"Travel Upto 15Kms for Rs. 250 (Sedan) . Offer is available only in Mumbai .","deal":"Ola Mumbai","company_name":"Ola","validity":"1 May","coupon":"SEDAN250"},{"details":"Get Rs. 150 off on first trip booked through mobile app by using the coupon code.","deal":"Rs.150 Off on First Ride","company_name":"Meru","validity":"30 Apr","coupon":"MERU150"},{"details":"Use the Coupon code and Get Rs 100 OFF on Every Taxi Ride.","deal":"Get Rs 100 OFF On Every Ride","company_name":"TaxiForSure","validity":"15 May","coupon":"APP100"}]

And My Class is

public class RootObject
    public string A { get; set; }
    public string B { get; set; }
    public string C { get; set; }
    public string D { get; set; }
    public string E { get; set; }

I am not able to deserialise this json array into RootObject Class…so please help…I have tries by accessing the individual members of array but that wasw very long method…so please help..

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