CSS3 support on older browsers

I am new to CSS3 concepts and am trying to understand the same.

I assume that the main benefits of using CSS3 is that it eliminates using images for doing stuff like gradients, rounded borders, etc

My question is if I want to support older browsers, say IE8, what are my options;

  1. Will it automatically fallback to some rendering on older borwsers (e.g. normal borders instead of rounded)
  2. Can I get the same effect on older IE browsers (e.g. rounded borders) using some other libraries ? (i.e. rounded borders or gradients on IE)
  3. In CSS3 examples, I see a lot of things or properties like -webkit, -moz, -o , etc What are these used for ? Is there any specific order that is required for these to have older IE fallback support ?

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