Cross-Browser Compatibility Issue With FireFox

Trying to attain a near-exact cross-browser experience for our clients, lately I’ve came to a problem that I can’t fix. I’ve got the website up and running, and it’s functioning smoothly on every and each browser, expect Mozilla Firefox. The problem that occurs in firefox, is that I get to witness a broad white space on the right side of the site’s main contents, and it is arising from my responsive css3 slider. Link below shows you 100% of the slider’s codes, which works perfectly on jsfiddle;

Css Slider

but well, the problem is that, each article tag is taking its space, even when it’s hidden and not being displayed in Mozilla. So the more the slider comes toward the end of it, the less white space I get to see. The next upcoming slides are hidden, but however they are still occupying a certain space, which forces a lot of vacuous area on the right side.

enter image description here

You can check the website itself at the link below;

My Website

Hoping that I have clearly stated the issue, what could be the possible solution for this matter ?!?

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