Create object which methods are deferred to a different object for execution [Python]

To explain it and for simplicity, I will use the power domain example.
Imagine that you have more than one equipment. All plugged in one power strip with multiple plugs. The power strip can be controlled via an Ethernet or some other means. Out of all these, there is one and only one which can actually turn power on and off. Nevertheless, I would like the rest of equipment pieces to “appear” as being capable to control the power switch, as well. Programmatically, such functions can look something like:

pwr.poweron()  # this instance can do the actual poweron/poweroff via remote control

where eq1, eq2 are instances of some class. eq1 and eq2 just appear as being able to control the power. In reality, they defer poweron/poweroff for execution to instance pwr.
How would you design such class in Python?

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