Convert SQL request to Hibernate Criteria

I would like to convert this SQL into either Criteria. I am sorry I don’t know which one to use since I’m new to Hibernate. I’ve done some research, and it looks like both are needed to achieve what I wanted.

My Sql Request

 select * 
from change.pade pade, change.pade_etat rdp, par.safsit safsit, par.saf saf
where pade.sir = "1245454"
and pade.id_safsit = "1"
and pade.id_safsit =
and safsit.cd_s in ("12", "45")
and safsit.fk_saf =
and saf.cd_ur in "124"
and rdp.fk_pade =
and rdp.id_etat in "444"

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