Contoller being called twice in AngularJS

In my angular project the user accepts a EULA then get automatically redirected to their dashboard, however, on this redirect the DashboardController seems to be being called twice, the DashboardController is being called on the route itself, I have checked to see if I have accidently called it again in the template but I havn’t. Below is my route & controller. It doesn’t appear to matter if I access the URL directly or via the redirect on the EULA controller, I get the same result.

The routes

.config(function($httpProvider, $stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {




    .state('login', {
        url: '/',
        templateUrl: 'templates/login.html',
        data: {
            requireLogin: false
    .state('eula', {
        url: '/eula',
        templateUrl: 'templates/eula.html',
        data: {
            requireLogin: true
    .state('dashboard', {
        url: '/groups',
        templateUrl: 'templates/dashboard.html',
        data: {
            requireLogin: true

The controller:

App.controller('DashboardController', ['$scope', 'RequestService', '$state', '$rootScope', function($scope, RequestService, $state, $rootScope){



Any ideas?

Source: javascript

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