Content update of SDCard

I’m a developer and I’m developing a product embedded with onboard USB and a SDCard and it works also like a SDCard reader.
The content of SDCard can be modified by PC or by the board’s microprocessor.
When the content of SDCard is modified by PC with windows operating system (for example create, delete, move, rename files), the board’s microprocessor can view the changes but if the board’s microprocessor makes changes to the content of SDCard, the PC doesn’t detects the changes.
I tried to refresh the windows that show the files or to develop a custom application but the changes are not seen.
The only way to view the changes is to detach and attach the USB in the USB.

Are there other ways to solve my problem? For example is it possible to set the operating system to refresh the content of SDCard periodically?

Thank you in advance.

Source: windows

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