Contact Form 7 + Postman + GMAIL

I have Postman working perfectly with GMAIL on a WordPress (latest) site that contains the Jupiter theme. Both standard theme form are emailing perfectly. Postman tests OK from its settings panel.

I then installed Conact Form 7 as there is a requirement for more complex data collection from users and it will not work no matter what. I get the infamous message “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.” with the orange border.

I have disabled all but CF7 & Postman, same problem.

I have have made sure the from and to emails in the form email set up are the correct GMAIL account. Still the same error.

Again, sending a test from Postman settings works perfectly.

Most of the info I found points to ensuring the OAuth process in set up is done correctly (which I did and this is why the test email and standard template forms work well), and also making sure the from email is correct (which I can confirm too).

Lastly, I have emptied the log in Postman and upon re-trying to send via CF7, nothing is added to the log as an entry.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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