Compile for Chromebook using Crouton

I currently have an Asus c300 chromebook. Since it doesn’t have legacy boot, I’m using crouton to get a more standard command line environment. I was able to install gcc very easily in the chroot environment. It works very well under chroot.

Since the underlying hardware is the same, I thought the resulting executable should work for chromebook, without me being in the chroot environment. If true, I thought I could go into the chroot environment, compile whatever program I want/need, and exit back out to the regular environment and use it.

I tried it with a simple hello world program. When I tried to run the executable, I got the following error:

bash: ./a.out: Permission denied.

I tried to run it with sudo, and I get a similar error:

sudo: unable to execute ./a.out: Permission denied.

I even used su to login as root, and I still could not run the program (got the first error).

I thought su/sudo would override any kind of permission restriction. But, it’s apparently not the case on the chromebook.

What am I missing? Is what I want to do possible?

EDIT: File permission was already set to 777.

Source: gcc

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