Codenameone UIDesigner out of sync with file

I’m developing a Codenameone app using Eclipse, Git and Bitbucket.

I’m doing work on two computers, one at my home office and one laptop when I’m on the go. Therefore I use Git and Bitbucket to ensure that my files are kept in sync across both computers.

I’ve run into a strange issue with the UIDesigner on my laptop. It seems that it has cached an old version of the .res-file and when I open the file with the UIDesigner I see old design in it. My changes from the other computer are not visible in the designer. I have tried to copy the file to a new filename and open that new file and then I see the changes, so therefore I suspect some caching of the file contents are going on.

Is there a way to disable the caching (at least temporarily) and ensure that the UIDesigner actually reads the file contents from disk?

Source: eclipse

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