codeigniter form_helper and all its functions are not working

according to the page [form_open() not working in codeigniter][1]

and the results of presented there , the problem still firm and not fixed.
i think that maybe the configuration of codeigniter should be manipulate or WAMP configuration shuld be manipiulate or another solution .

the all of my code is this:

the controller/login page

**class Login extends CI_Controller
    function index()

and the view/login page

      echo form_open('login/auth');
      $username=form_input(array('name'=>'username', 'placeholder'=>'Username or Email'));
      $password=form_password(array('name'=>'password', 'placeholder'=>'password'));

        <p><?php $username ?></p>
        <p><?php $password ?></p>
        <p class="remember_me">
          <?php $remember ?>
            Remember me on this computer
        <p class="submit"><?php $submit ?></p>
        <?php echo form_close(); ?>**

the result is a form without aye form input and submit.
please help to solve this page problem.thanks friend/Daniel

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