Cloning audio source without having to download it again

I’m creating a piano in the browser using javascript. In order for me to play the same key multiple times simultaneously, instead of just playing the Audio object, I clone it and play the clone, otherwise I’d have to wait for the audio to finish or to restart it, which I don’t want.

I’ve done something like this:

var audioSrc = new Audio('path/');
window.onkeypress = function(event) {
    var currentAudioSrc = audioSrc.cloneNode();;

The problem is, I was checking chrome’s inspector, and I noticed that every time I clone the object, the browser download it again

enter image description here

I checked some people who wanted to achieve similar things, and noticed that most of them have the same problem that I do, they redownload the file. The only example I found that can play the same audio source multiple times simultaneously is SoundJs

I tried checking the source could but couldn’t figure out how it was done. Any idea?

Source: html5

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