ClickOnce not including interop assembly

I’ve created serveral in-house applications in Visual Studio that are distributed with ClickOnce. Over the weekend we got a new domain name controller with a new server name. I had to redistribute several of the applications because they used a UNC path (serverfolderapplication folder) for distribution. All went well except one.

This one, along with others, uses an Adobe Acrobat DLL to display PDF files. On this one application I get a file IO error because it can’t find the interop assembly (System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘Interop.Acrobat,)

Other odd things with this one are that there is not a release or debug folder under bin. Even if I make changes under the configuration manager it dumps all assemblies in the root of the bin folder. Also, when I publish it creates both an appname.exe file and an appname.application file. The ClickOnce distribution folder has the interop.acrobat.dll file, but it is not being installed.

I’m a little unsure what is going on. Do I need to include the interop.acrobat.dll when I publish? I don’t create new applications a lot and it has been a while since I set up a new ClickOnce distribution.

If I manually copy the outputs (appname.exe and interop assemblies) to the end users computer and launch appname.exe it runs fine.


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